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Dave Byron teaches guitar lessons at Jansen Music store in Aptos, CA

I offer private and group instruction in both guitar and bass serving the Santa Cruz area with locations in both Soquel and Aptos. I accept students at all levels and am particularly good with beginners and kids. I have a professional, yet laid back style and with over 30 years of experience in both teaching and performing, you will find me to be a kind, caring and experienced music instructor.

I offer lessons in all popular styles, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Folk, Country, Indie and anything in between. Fortunately for me, my students keep me in the loop of just about everything musical. If there is a song you want to learn, chances are I've already learned it or if not, I'm happy learn it for you. And while I have my own favorite styles of music, most important to me is what you like!

The Lessons

For beginners, my first priority is to get you playing as soon as I can. Simple song playing offers the most immediate and satisfying reward. I will have you playing a song on your first lesson. I also teach beginning students how to read music, understand music symbols and understand basic music theory with an emphasis on practical application and use.

Intermediate to advanced students can tailor their lessons to their owns wants, needs, goals and desires. It could be songwriting, advanced song playing, ear training, performance, improvisation, music theory or all of the above.

No two students are alike therefore no two lessons are as well.

What about kids?

I love to teach kids and it shows. I know parents want their kids to love and excel at music and so do I. Do you remember when you were a kid and you had that special teacher that made all the difference? I strive to be that teacher.

I generally recommend 7 or 8 as a good starting age but sometimes kids as young as 6 can do just fine. With a few lessons I can evaluate a young student and determine if it is the right time to start.

And a special note to parents of students:

I'm the teacher that is always there, on time, and well organized in every way .You will always be in the loop and informed. I also provide a safe, comfortable learning environment for young students to thrive in.

Adults of all ages:

I enjoy teaching big kids too. I'm very comfortable with addressing how this adventure can fit into your own goals and how you make it work with your own busy schedule.

New Ways of Learning:

I take advantage of the most up to date technologies available for learning, like using you tube, apps. and various music websites. And it is not uncommon for us to do some recording at our lessons as well, yeah, I got all that.

But while access to all this information and technology is very helpful, nothing still replaces a great teacher, one who not only teaches you the "right" way to play, but one who is also your own personal advocate, one who helps give you the motivation and the direction to learn faster and more efficient, one who really cares about you.

Self taught with no lessons?

No Problem, I admire those who are self taught, it takes motivation and focus, but if I had a dime for every self taught student who told me, “Wow, I wish I would have come to you sooner”, I'd have a lot of dimes.

I hope this information helps motivate you to study and learn guitar with me. Just getting started can be one of the biggest steps. I recommend new students to try a month of lessons and take it from there. Hopefully it will be just what you needed to get you going, I'll make the rest easy!

Thank You!

Dave Byron


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